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Data protection declaration

We take protecting your data seriously

Thank you for visiting our website. We are delighted that you are interested in our company and our products / services. We take protecting your personal data very seriously, and we want you to feel secure with regard to the information you give us when you visit our website. For us, complying with German data security law is a matter of course.

We want you to know what data we collect at SUMIDA while you are visiting our website, when we collect it and how we use this information. We have taken technical and organisational measures that ensure that data protection regulations are observed by us and by any service providers we work together with.

Personal data

Personal data is information about your identity. This includes your name, your address and telephone number, and your e-mail address. You don’t have to divulge personal information in order to be able to use our internet-site. But in some cases we need your name and address, and further information so that we can provide you with the services you require.

The same applies when we want to give you information material or supply you with goods you have ordered, or when we need to answer your questions. We will always tell you when this is necessary. Also, we only store or process data that you have provided us with - either voluntarily or automatically.

If you use one of our services, we usually only take the data that is necessary to provide you with the service you require. We may ask you for further information, but this is voluntary. Whenever we process personal data, we do it to provide you with the service you required or to fulfil our legitimate commercial interests.

Automatically collected non-personal data

When you visit our website, we store certain information for administration and technical reasons. These are: the browser type and version used, the date and time of access and the IP address.

This data remains anonymous and it is used solely for statistical purposes and to improve our website and online services. This anonymous data is stored separately from personal data on secure systems and allows no inference on individual persons. This means that your personal details are protected at all times.

Customer account

For every customer who registers appropriately, we will set up a direct password-protected access to his customer account where all his customer data is saved. Here you can view all the details of your completed purchases, open and recently shipped orders and adjust your address, bank account info and newsletter settings. You commit yourself to keep your personal access information strictly confidential and to not pass it on to third parties. We cannot assume liability for the misuse of passwords unless we are responsible for the misuse


We use "cookies“ only in the way described in this paragraph. A "cookie" contains information that is transferred from our website to your browser, which saves the information on your system. If cookies are in use our website can remember you and your settings until you either close the current browser window (temporary cookies) or until you deactivate or delete the cookie. Many users use cookies, as they are helpful in navigating webpages.

We use „cookies“ only in one of the two situations described. The first one refers to temporary cookies. Temporary cookies are used in two ways. When you use our online-services, our webserver automatically sends a temporary cookie to your browser that will make navigating our webpage easier. This temporary cookie only contains a direction-value that helps our software to find out which page to show when you click on your browser’s “back” button.

The cookie will be deleted as soon as you close the current browser window. If you reach our website via one of our business partners, our web-browser will also send a temporary cookie to your browser which contains the „referrer code“ for this partner. We only use this data statistical- and marketing purposes. If you reach an area of our website that is password protected we will set a temporary cookie fort he connection to show that you were authenticated. Those cookies contain random data that the server uses to authenticate the browser-request during the session. These cookies contain no data that would enable to identify you personally. The cookie will be deleted as soon as you close the browser window.

The second situation in which we use cookies is if you order documentation, services or other requests while browsing our webpages. Whenever you fill out a form you can chose whether our website is allowed to send a cookie to your local hard-drive. This is not a temporary cookie but can be deactivated anytime through your browser’s settings.  

If you don’t accept that kind of cookie you can still use our website. But if you accept it you will save time on filling out forms as you don’t have to repeat the process with every visit.

Even if you accept that kind of cookies you can always adjust your browser’s setting to alert you whenever cookies are sent. You always have the free choice if you want to accept cookies or not.

Google Conversion Tracking

This website uses Google Conversion Tracking. If you reach our website via a google advert, “Google Adwords” will place a cookie on your computer. The cookie will terminate after 30 days and does not allow to personally identify you. If a user visits certain pages of the adwords customer and the cookie has not yet terminated, both google and the customer are able to see that the use has clicked on the advert and was forwarded tot he this website. Every adwords customer is given a unique cookie. Therefore cookies cannot be followed via the webpages of adwords customers. The information gathered by the conversion-cookie is used to create conversion statistics for adwords customers. Adwords customers can see the total number of users who have clicked on the advert and were forwarded to a page with a conversion tracking tag. They do not, however, receive any kind of information that makes those users identifiable. If you don’t want to participate in this tracking procedure, you may reject the cookie. This can be achieved by adjusting the settings of your browser to automatically deactivate all cookies. Google’s privacy statement can be found here.


We have put technical and administrative safety measures in place in order to protect your personal data against loss, destruction, manipulation and unauthorised access. All our employees and service providers are bound by the Federal Data Protection regulations.

Whenever we collect and process personal data, this information is coded before it is transferred. This means that your data cannot be misused by unauthorised third parties. Our safety measures are subject to an on-going optimisation process. Our data protection regulations are constantly updated. Please make sure you read the current version.

Right to information/objection

Please contact us at any time if you want to know what kind of personal data we have stored about you. In addition, you may at any time withdraw your permission for us to collect and store your personal data. In either case, please contact us directly.

Changes to our data protection regulations

We reserve the right to alter our data safety and protection regulations if and when this becomes necessary as a result of new technology. In these cases, we will alter the data protection advice. Please make sure that you always use the current version of the data protection declaration. If these data protection declaration changes substantially, we will let you know of the changes on our web-site.

All interested parties and visitors of our webpage can reach us for any questions concerning data protection at:


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